YogaBodySense believes in paying attention to all your bodily needs whilst challenging the body and calming the mind. Offering a balance of strength, flexibility and inner kindness. Encouraging longevity and resilience in the modern world.



The first step toward getting somewhere is to decide that
you are not going to stay where you are.

Chauncey Depew



The qualified teachers and practitioners of YogaBodySense understand the uniqueness of each individual and their journey to wellbeing. Which is why we offer a variety of classes that allow everyone to feel comfortable participating.

A common story in our modern world, is one of pushing the physical limits in life generally, being competitive in work and play.

The general stresses of life can mount up, leading to a frazzled state, stiff body and movement feeling painful. Too busy trying to finish the ever growing list of demands to allow time to release. Stress is something that can make us stronger but if not kept in check leads to tension and pain. Utilising conscious movement, exercise, applied anatomy, yoga and meditation to maintain good health.

The mind, body and spirit need to communicate and connect to be healthy and efficient. At YogaBodySense we do not claim anything original, this knowledge has been known to man for thousands of years what YogaBodySense offers are the tools to help re-connect to our happier self.

Please contact us to help discuss what will suit you personally.



An ordinary life to some can be extraordinary to others.
It is the lessons learnt along the way that colour our life and make it full.




Qualified instructors will guide you through classes focusing on safe, accessible and appropriate challenging movements. Body awareness is a key factor emphasizing the need to regain and own the responsibility of your fitness and wellbeing.



At YogaBodySense we love to provide customized classes and therapies whether individual or private classes.  Please view offerings in the drop down menu for some ideas or contact us if you have a specific request.



Bodywork Therapies include massages and clothed floor treatments, they are holistic taking into account the whole bodies needs, physically, mentally and emotionally. Through consultation we will customize our treatments to suit your needs. 


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